Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So this is Christmas

So this is Christmas, probably the best part of a whole year, especially for hungry students. ;) But the time of preparation may be a bit stressful or even frustrating. There is always something more to clean up, something more to cook or bake, someone more to make a gift for and to visit, someone more to send a Christmas card to. Well, all those gestures require time and work but for me they are really precious and I believe that those are the things that remain in memory for a very long time. It is the 23th of December and I have already been to three Christmass Eve's parties - at the University, with comunity I partecipate and at Dylemat Cafe, mentioned already a couple of times. The last one was really special for me even though I wasn't able to stay there for a long time as I was going home the next day. 
It all started with an artistic part, as always. But this time it was all about Christmas. There were carols sung by everyone but also songs performed by the solists. All of them were beautifully amazing. As always I was completely impressed by the group of musicians who played so perfectly each piece. I was really happy to hear a song "Mary, did you know?" sung in Polish by a friend of mine, Ania. The first Polish version was made by Kuba Badach, a man of one of the warmest voices ever. You just have to check it:

I have also chosen a beautiful song, the one I wanted to sing since I was a little girl. I believe you all know the CD made by Kayah and Goran Bregovic. I have decided to sing "Nie ma, nie ma ciebie". 

Even though there was no snow (lyrics start with "Zima na ramiona moje spadła, niewinnością, białym śniegiem...)... I was really worried, because I've noticed too late that it's a preatty difficult one, maybe too difficult for me. What is more, we didn't manage to try my song during the first rehearsal... But well, in the end, I believe it went pretty well. Actually, it was the atmosphere that was the most important thing that evening, and not the perfect interpretation of the song. 

Wishing you all the most beautiful Christmas of all times spent with the people you love I would like to invite you to listen to a very beautiful but also very sad carol, sung by Margaret. It is about the Christmas 76 years ago, when there was the II World War. I think it's the one that really makes you think and appreciate whatever you have, understanding that the only things you need to be happy is peace and love of the people that are close to you.

Merry Christmas everyone! Let the Love fulfill your hearts and homes! :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Time limits.

Oh my... It's been a month already since I have written my last post here. Shame on me. But the truth is I have been a very occupied person during that while. As the Christmas is coming I've been dedicated to the preparation of gifts for my family and friends and I have decided to make the most of them on my own with decoupage technique... but to it I will dedicate another post. Today I could not publicate my works, for obvious reasons. 
I must say that my life became lately a bit deprived of music. For a long time I haven't been singing in Dylemat caffe, I was not playing instruments a lot and so on. But last week I had an awesome opportunity to listen to the Music Academy's students singing mostly in italian during the course they were partecipating. I was there because I was asked to help those students with a pronunciation and meaning of italians lyrics which means for me great occasion to unite my two passions in one "work". 
Last Sunday I also went to the festival in the new concert hall "Jordanki" in Toruń, where a special edition of Luxfest, already described in my further posts, was organised. The event was gratuitous but you had to catch the tickets when they were distributed on the website. The point is that after an hour all of them were out. Fortunately I got them for me and my boyfriend and so we had an opportunity to listen non only to Luxtorpeda but also Pięć Dwa, Grubson and Lao Che. What made me really fascinated was the fact that for the first time I was able to hear live Luxtorpeda's "44 dni" dedicated to the children not born. I was really touched while listening intently to it's lyrics. And the same thing refers to the Lao Che's "Wojenka" already mentioned a month ago. 

I cannot say that my life is fulfilled with music currently, but as you see, as the time permits, I still find a few moments to enjoy what I love so much. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

If she came to us...

November is a very important month for the polish people. We start that period with the day of commemorating our loved ones that have already passed away. But it is not only a sad, nostalgic day but also the time of hope for the christians and what is more, opportunity of gathering together with your family or friends. And exactly ten days later there comes another important holiday, which is a National Indipendence Day celebrated in Poland on the 11th of November. This year we were celebrating already 98th anniversary of reclaiming our indipendence after 123 years of occupation. That is why I would like to share with you a few patriotic songs, not related to the First World War, but talking about the reality of people who have experienced the war or occupation in general.

The first song, "Jeśli nie wrócę", is related to the Warsaw Uprising. It is a part of a CD "Morowe Panny" which is a story of the capital told by the young women with their problems, thoughts and observations about the event. The artists like Halina Młynkowa, Anita Lipnicka, Paulina Przybysz, Katarzyna Groniec and the others are singing their authorial lyrics. Responsible for the whole project is Darek Malejonek with a band Maleo Reggae Rockers. I recommend all the CD, and also it's continuation "Panny Wyklęte" which is also a perfect, musically diversified album.

And the other song that is pretty fresh not only because it is new but also because it is pretty original is "Wojenka" by Lao Che. That piece comes from the album "Dzieciom", which is also good but that song is the one that has really enchanted me. It is a real manifest against the war, with the appeals to the Second World War and to the popular polish TV series - "Czterej pancerni i pies". 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Vintage Edition, unlimited pleasure.

Today I'd like to dedicate a while to a friend of mine, who is a great artist. I was planning that for a very long time, maybe waiting for a proper moment. His song "Here and now" is the one I'm sinking in. Somehow it just makes you feel well. Maybe it's because it's author has the same influence on people. He's simply putting everyone he meets in a good mood, he makes you feel calm and happy, somehow. What is more, some sounds of this song brings on my mind Robbie Williams' "Angels", which is so beautiful too!

As I said, Grzegorz who is an author of Vintage Edition project, is not only a very gifted musician who is creating all his songs, including lyrics, on his own, but he's also very charismatic person. All the clips of his songs are just a perfect addition to his pieces. Created usually in the autumnal atmosphere, showing the beauty of the cities and of the nature they correspond very well to the nostalgic songs. I really like walking in park or in the old towns with the headphones on my ears sinking in the extremely beautiful composition of sounds of "Lies" for example.

Anyway, not all of his songs are so nostalgic and poetic. Listening to his songs you can see that creating music is for Grzegorz also a great fun. In general he's an enthusiastic person and his songs like "I'm from Poland" definetely show his character. It also shows his love for the place he lives in. If you're from Poznań you'll deffinetely enjoy watching in the clip places you know for sure.

There are a few more songs completely created by Vintage Edition you can find on YouTube and I must say, although each of them is totally different, they are all amazingly inspiring and catchy. I recommend you to listen to them, warning at the same time that you can assuredly fall in love! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lovesong's top 10.

How come am I writing a music blog without having ever created any toplist here?! Well, time to change this fact finaly. I would like to share with you the toplist of the most interresting or significant songs for me. There are ten songs because it's a tipical toplist's number, I guess, but it's order is quite casual. So let it begin! I nominate to my lovesong's toplist: 

1. Elton John with "Can you feel the love tonight?" - because everyone loves this song and knowns it since like forever.  Although I must say, I prefer the polish version of this song, it's just closer to me and it reminds me not only my childhood, but also the time spent in Bari on Erasmus.

2. Jem with "Falling for you" - because it's really beautiful but also sad and nostalgic. I also appreciate it for it's music's simpleness and for the complexity of the problems it concerns. 

3. Zach Sobiech and Sammy Brown with "Fix me up" - because it's beautiful when very young people love each other with such a mature love. And because it's really autobiografic - the author of the song knew that he was going to die soon, that she coudn't fix him up.

4. Poluzjanci with "Prosta piosenka" - for the magic and simpleness of it's text and tone, for Kuba Badach's warm voice and for the vast scale of his vocal capacity.

5. Chantal Kreviazuk with "Feels like home" - because since I have seen "The Notebook" I've been dreaming of finding the one I could sing these words to. 

6. Hey with "Mimo wszystko" - mostly because of the clip. In only 5 minutes it shows the reality, even the cruel reality of love, It makes the one who is listening to the song think, that you don't love somebody because of something but in spite of something. In spite of everything.

7. Voo Voo with "Gdybym"  -  because this song contrasts the reality of nowadays, showing that the real love is one in your life. Because I, I ADORE mature men singing about the fact of being happy in their marriages. About the fact of falling in love with their wives again and again, everyday. Because these are the examples that young people really need nowadays. 

8. Luxtorpeda - "Tajne znaki" - for the same reasons I ascribed to the previous song.

9. Pidżama Porno - "Dzień dobry, kocham cię" - because like two days ago it helped me understand again how wise my father was. I'm still impressed of the way he explained it's chorus to me when we were listening to it driving a car. He told me that the man who sings the song is so in love, that he thinks of the woman he loves right from the start of the day. That the bread without anything becomes tasty when you think of the one you love. That when you're that poor that you have nothing to cover a slice of bread with, there is love that makes you rich. 

10. Joe Cocker - "You are so beautiful" - because every woman needs to realize that she is beautiful and worthy but also she needs to find the one who makes her feel the most beautiful in the world. And because I already did. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

How to survive a foul weather time...

The autumnal period might be very tough. For me it's already an everyday fight to get up from my warm and cosy bed. Even if my classes start after eleven it is almost mission impossible to get at the university on time. On the other hand there are a lot of things you can do during that rainy period. Well, most of them you can do also in the summer, but what for?

Let's start with the part I love the most, which is the autumnal and winter cuisine. Well, you must agree that there is no better way to warm up than cooking - or I'd rather say - baking. At first, the oven is getting warmer and warmer when you're preparing a cake. Then you put it into the oven and every 5 minuts you watch it growing up feeling that it also warms your heart up. And the best part is when the cake is ready, you take it off, you cut a proper piece and you eat it warming up your belly. Oh, I love that feeling! It's also necessary to remember about the spices. For me the smell and the taste of these days is the one of cinnamon. I could add it to anything I eat, I think: to a cake, of course, to coffee or tea, to an oatmeal and so on... 

And last but not least of the culinary hits for rainy or snowy days - hot chocolate. You must agree that the colder it is outside, the better it tastes. 

Last year I have also found a passion, that makes me accept the fact that the temperature is in the continous decline which is ice skating. Yesterday I went to the ice rink for the first time after a long, long break and I didn't break anything at all! :) I really like this sport and I recommend it to everyone, especially if you often get cold. Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty bad, I was sure I would be ill the next day. But after the ice skating I was feeling very well and so am I today. I believe that the sport in quite low temperature helps you build your selfresistance. 

I won't write about music today, although it's one of the best ways to sweeten you the long evenings spent at home, because it's just obvious. So the last thing I would recommend you, if you have some free time, is to find you a good book, a nice TV series or an animated movie and to get under the blanket with a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and just enjoy the autumn or the winter. The one I associate with this period is the Life with Louie. I invite you to watch the first episode and I'm sure you're gonna love it. That's the cartoon I've watched since my childhood but I still think it's just awesome. I've tried to watch it in English today, but the Polish dubbing is incomparably better.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I will drive 500 miles!

It's really nice to come back here after such a long break with a pretty good news. But before going to the point, few words of an introduction. 
About three and a half mounths ago I started my holiday. But it wasn't a very relaxing time and I didn't spend it lasily at all. Right after the beginning of the holiday I called few driving schools to find the one where I could start my course as soon as possible. I still had to wait more than a week but finally I started to learn the theory. And again about a week after the first part I started my practice lessons. 
I was really hoping to pass all the exams before the new academic year but it wasn't that obvious with the two weeks pilgrimage at the beginning of August I was going to participate , with my brother's wedding on the 4th of September, with the resit of the History of Italian Cinema, with the weekends spent with my boyfriend. But there's nothing impossible to the one who believes.  2 weeks ago I passed the theory exam, unfortunatelly failing on the practice one. I moved back to Poznań to continue my studies, but on Friday I went to Gdańsk to retry the exam. I was a bit affraid and uncertain because there was no opportunity for me to take some extra lessons in the driving school. Fortunately, with my boyfriends and my friends support I made it out. So now, in 2 weeks from now I'll probably get my driving licence and I'll be able to make my little dream come true. I'll be able to drive a car listening and singing with Ted and Marshall:

So if you're a driver too, I recommend you to listen to The Proclaimerses hit and to 'invite' them to accompany your trips! Just the way I'm going to! :)

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Even though I should be studying hard for the tommorow's test, I can't help the great will to share with you my today's little success. Some time ago I started to train jogging with my friend. We were both doing quite significant progresses, which made me really proud. Two days ago we run more than 7 km, which is for me an awesome result, especially that we got the speed of almost 10 km per hour. That's really not bad, I think. But today there was no possibility that I could have a company, so I had to motivate myself. Unfortunatelly I'm a great fan of sweets, I'd even say that I'm a chocaholic, trying to fight my addiction. It's not easy anyway, so I failed today, again. And that should probably motivate me even more, but it was exactly on the contrary. I felt weak and incapable and I was going to resign my today's training. But then I thought of a music piece that yesterday literally made me train at home. It was that one:

It's not exactly my favourit kind of music but it really makes you move! So listening to it today I thought: 'Oh, I just have to make a new playlist, and I'll run without any company with the same pleasure." And that's what I did. Another song that gave me a hand was shared on YouTube today, just like if it was especially for my bad mood. I just fell in love with it.

I found also the remix of a song you can hear in the background, which is "So cold" by Ben Cocks. I also felt like listening to the song I heard on the radio few times, which was "See you again" by Wiz Khalifa. Well, there were also few more songs on my running playlist today, but it's not the most important thing. The point is that with a very small inspiration I was able to run another 6 km today, fighting my lazyness and my unnecessary bad humor. And if I was able, you are able too! Doing sport is healthy, and you know it! It's hard at the beggining, but there is also nothing more satisfying then the moment when you're breaking your own barriers. So find you some good piece of music if you don't have any yet and have fun! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Music in adverts.

Last week passing the way from Gdańsk to Toruń with a car, me and my trip companion we have started to sing a song from the TP S.A. advertisment. This is one of the spots in which "Mr Heart" and "Mr Mind" are partecipating. They're singing a song about the new offer, which is a Funpack. This is the one I'm talking about:

I really, really, really like this song and all the "Serce i Rozum" advertisments, I think they are really brilliant. As you probably noticed this is something we could call a cover of the song "Susana" by Fausto. To be onest I have never heard this Spanish version before. I believe the most of you, just like me, knows only the version of the group "The Art Company"
It is quite popular to use the popular songs, changing only it text to promote some products. The "Susanna case" made me think of the other advertisments in which the renowned songs are being used in the same way. The one presenting , one of my favourit sweets by the way, with the partecipation of raper Shaggy seams to me a great example. Thanks to this advert as if any of us hI was singing that song with a friend of mine for a very long time, even though I doubt if any of us has ever heard the full version of it. But there you go, here we have an opportunity to make up for it:

And the last one I would like to share with you is a very old Polish advertisment made by Bonduelle company, Everybody knows the song "Singing in the rain", which was sang by Gene Kelly. But if you haven't seen it in 1998, you have to see the dancing green peas of Bonduelle now. Enjoy! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Music that makes you remember...

Listening to this such a beautiful song I'm always feeling a very intensive nostalgy. This Gentleman's piece made me think today of how music can bring our memories to life. I believe that everyone after a moment of reflection could find in his mind some songs that make him think of people who have already passed away or of things that there are not anymore. For me the special moments are always related to the special people, that is why this song makes me so nostalgic. It's refrain saying that "it's funny how memories don't leave like people do" can make you really sad sometime. But on the other hand it is full of hope that there are this feelings like love or friendship that are lasting longer than our lives. Isn't it beautiful? There is also another song that makes me think of a person I love the same way inspite of the years that are passed from the moment I've seen her for the last time. I've already written here about the band Good Staff, who are playing the song "Echo". Unfortunately this song in no available online, but I would recommend to anybody to visit the group's webside and order their CD.But not to be too nostalgic as it is a beautiful spring weather outside I'd like to tell you about the song that I remember in the most intensive way from my early childhood. It's a song that was always making me dance, even when I wasn't able to stand without any help yet. There were situations when I was a child when my parents were trying to lull me while the TV was turned on some kind of music programme. And if somehow it was Inner Circle singing his "Sweat" in it, I was clumsily getting up holding the barriers of a crip and I was starting to dance, singing "a lala lala long".

Enjoy! :)

Monday, April 13, 2015


I've been lately falling in love with the music of a band, which I had known for years already.
When I've heard them for the first time they were for me only a background for an amazing drama, which was showing the love of God to the man he created.

All this Lifehouse's Everything drama seamed to me really touching and perfectly composed with the music. I had an opportunity to play a role in this drama some time later and I was really amazed with the fact, how many people were feeling the same way about it. I even translated it's text in Polish once hoping to play the skit with a group in the way that also it's text would have been comprehensible for the people watching it, but I understood after all that there was something more in this song. Well, we didn't have a band which would have played the song the way Lifehouse did it.
Probably few years ago I came across their another song, which was "You and me".

Beautiful love song.
I was listnenig to it for a lot of time until it palled for me and after that I believe I had nothing to do with Lifehouse for quite a long period of time.
Until couple of months ago I just thought about them, I don't really remember why or in which circumstances, but their discography impressed me.
They're not the only band I am listening to at the moment, but they became one of these my ears can hear really often, while I'm going at the university, while I'm walking, while I'm in my way for some meeting of while I'm roller skating.
Anyway there are three songs, I think, I could listen to all the time, which are "Storm""Hanging by the moment", and "Blind".
Each of them has a special meaning for me and I think that in the times when you become famous not for what you're saying, but for the way you look like, I really appreciate their lyrics full of the important messages. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another not indifferent Tuesday.

Last Tuesday I had another great oportunity to partecipate an evening in Dylemat Cafe organised by Przemysław Mazurek and the other awesome musicians. It has started with the hymn of the Evening with Not Indifferent Song, which is already available to listen on Soundcloud, there you go:
It was also accompanied by Tomasz Szwed, the star of the evening. After the hymn, which was sang twice, the 'talent review' started. A lot of crazily gifted people gave a perfect performance. After two months of a break I have also decided to present to the public my new song, entitled 'Zamki na piasku'. I was really satisfied with the arrangment, even though in the final version my favourit musicians played it a bit faster than I was expecting;). But there are always some surprises when you are performing in live. Anyway, that was an awesome experience, which I would deffinetely repeat another time.
And in the final part of the evening there was an amazing Tomasz Szwed's concert. It was as touchin as funny, and sometimes it made you think of life, of some values that nowadays seam out-of-date. I really liked it whis is why I recommend you to listen to songs of this sympathetic elder man on youtube. The one that really stuck in my mamory is that one, don't ask me why;) :

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring in love

When the spring comes the whole World is waking up, coming back to life and really often it also makes our hearts beat faster. The reaggae band from Toruń, Paraliż Band sings in one of their most popular songs 'Wiosna', "I'll fall in love again with the wrong woman in the spring". The truth is that we're all probably falling in love in that season, not necesserly with a wrong person;). One of us for the first time ever, the others again and again with the same person, they gave their heart to a lot of years ago. Why not to tune ourselves up to this romantic mood a bit? I have already written about my favourit movie about love, but there is another one, that I'm also totaly crazy about. And it's not only because of Heath Ledger's role but also thanks to it's soundtrack. It's title is '10 things I hate about you'. 
It's not only a beautiful love story, but it's also a great comedy, that I'd recommend both to couples and to singles. As I said this film is also quite concerned on music, and in my opinion it's a pretty good music. If you're not a very fan of romantic movies I would like to invite  you at least to listen to it's soundtrack. Each song is different and in a totaly different style, but personaly I like all of them. Anyway the one I really fell in love with is a song 'The Weakness In Me' by Joan Armatrading. It makes me go into raptures about it. I love both, it's music and it's lyrics. And just to conclude I want to invite you to watch my favourit scene of the movie:


Friday, March 20, 2015

Country dream

On the Monday's English classes we were talking about the tradition of celebrating the Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland, United States or in the World. We were also listening to Sinead's O'Connor song entitled 'I'll tell me ma', which I really liked actually. In general there is something in that country culture that seams to me really fascinating. Watching films like 'Leap Year' or 'Holiday' I was really impressed by these locals in that country style where people were drinking beer, singing and dancing all together. It seams to me a great fun, I really wish I could visit this kind of place one day. Unfortunatelly it's probably impossible to find such a local in Poznan, maybe there are some country parties organised once a time but I don't think it would be exactly what I am interested in. Few years ago I was dreamig of starting my own Italian cusine, where I would employ an italian chef and where Italians visiting Poland could feel like home. But why not to replace this idea with the one of starting a country pub or even better, to develope one business after another? Well, I'm being an optimist. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Friday evening at the Koniec Świata!

Some time ago me and my cousin were thinking of going to the concert of Koniec Świata, which is one of our favorite bands. We have already been to two of their concerts together and always it was a great fun. That year the band celebrates it's 15th birthday and plays concerts in all the bigger cities of Poland. Unfortunately it came out that I couldn't visit Gdańsk, where Justyna lives, in the data of a concert and she wasn't able to come to Poznań when they were playing there. Between that two terms there was the last weekend and the city of Toruń in the band's graphic. I was already thinking of visiting these lovely sides anyway so it seemed to me a great idea to represent me and my cousin there, especially considering the fact that our first concert of Koniec Świata took place in the same club, which is Od Nowa. I wouldn't have been myself if I didn't have to run to the railway station with the risk of missing the train, even though it was leaving about 3 p.m. and I had no classes that day. Finally we got to the club about two quarters before the concert, so we had enough time to talk a little and to get a place right under the stage... well, the club wasn't really crowded to be honest;). Anyway, when I saw the musicians entering the stage I felt so, so happy, and when they started to play I was just in seven heaven! They played a couple of songs from each of their CDs, starting from Korzenie and Symfonia na Sprzedaż, but there were also their completely new pieces. I was really happy listening to my favorite their songs like 1980Serce w ParyżuWystarczy, że serce mi bije, although I could easily say that each of their songs is my favorite. If you haven't heard any of them yet, I recommend you to do it as soon as possible!
Enjoy! :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

I'll sing the World out for you...

It's just amazing, the power of the music.
The way it brings your memories back.
I was listetnig to the somebody's youtube playlist with sung poetry.
Passing through the songs of SDM, Grażyna Łobaszewska and the others I came across a song of my childhood.
I believe it was one of the first songs I have ever played on guitar. 
What is more, I have totally forgotten about it's existance.
And today it reminded me the times, when I was a scout in the 16th troop
 in Gdańsk.
It was about ten years ago, but I remember that time and I'm thinking about it with nostalgia.
Today both, it's text and the voice of Agata Budzyńska that sings it seams to me quite infantile, but I still have feelings for the song
It is a monologue of a woman or a girl in love that wants to paint an angel for her love. 
And she wants to sing her poems out for him,  the whole World for him. And love... she wants to sing her love out, as the greatest gift... and the smile.
I invite you all to listen to this beautiful song and to follow the text with attention, because even tough it is pretty simple it has also a rich sence.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another Unindifferent Evening.

About two months ago I was describing here one of the most amazing evenings in my life, when for the first time I had an opportunity to sing with an awesome band during the 7th edition of the Evening with the Unindifferent Songs. Yesterday there was another, 8th edition, but this time there was an incentive to sing the author's songs. As I am writting my own songs I thought of presenting it that day, but I was really affraid if the band would be willing to play something in para-reaggae stile;). We met on Monday evening (a day before two tests I had to give at the university), we worked in an amazing atmosphere  with all the group of vocalists, and finally, after their songs, and these that we seng in common we tried to play my piece. I was really shy. It's not only a song that I wrote a long, long time ago, but it seemed to me totaly in a different style then the others, and... well it's also really personal for me.
But as I already mantioned, the musicists that prepare these evenings with us are not only very talented but also really verastile. They agreed to play my song in the para-reggae version, just the way I wanted, or I would even say, much better than I was expecting.
As you may suppose I came back home quite late. I did my best to prepare for my tests and I know already that one of them went pretty well. The other one? Well, I don't know, but I have decided not to regret anything that makes me make my dreams coming true.
The next day, right after the test of psicology I went to the local where all the venture is being held. I was observing the groups of people entering it, taking their places and observing us politely. I was really nervous. I was the first solist. We entered the scene in a group to sing together a beautiful song 'Zapiszę śniegiem w kominie'. And right after that one I stayed on the scene alone, well, in the great company of the musicists. All my body was shaking, but finally seams that it didn't go that bad. After me there were like 8 other vocalists, one better than another an than two bands.
What can I say, for me it was another totaly PERFECT evening.
I didn't sleep much last nights and today I had a day full to the brim, but I believe that more important than to have had enough sleep is to feel satisfied.
At the end I would like to invite you to listen to the song I was singing yesterday, in a very poorer version than it was yesterday, but still ;)
Hope you'll enjoy it! :)
Ola Janczak - Do góry

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Help. We are all created to do the great things.

In this crazy "Sesja time" it was not that easy to find some time to realise my English homework, which was to watch the movie entiteled "The help". 

I was not expecting anything spectacular, I've heard about this film earlier, I saw a very little part of it during the Christmass, but I had no idea about it's real worth.
I don't think there are plenty of things better to do on Sundays evening than watching exactly this movie.
It shows the reality of, I would say, aristocratic group of women living in Johnson, zone of the Mississipi State, and about the way their maids are being treaten in.
It shows not only the massive problem of the racism in that state in the 60', but a wide range of different situations that should have never had place between two people no matter of their skin colour, birth place or religion. 
Personally, the fact that I find the most crushing is that all of it was happening more or less 50 years ago, which means that when my parents were born, in the United States the situation was exactly like that. 
Seams impossible?
But the truth is, that we are being created and influenced by our surroundings, which means that each of us would be probably able to believe himself a superhuman, just like in the Dostojewski's "Crime and Punishment" if we were born in an aristocratic family or in another reality that makes us think such a bullshit.
That's why it is necessary to remind ourselves that each of us is equal and that the love even for our enemies is not only a beautiful tale, but it can be realized in our lives.
What we need to do, is to believe, that we are all created to do the great things. The only limits to overcome are our owns. The most difficult step is the first one, but it is also really precious, because there is only one first step you can make. Always.
So don't stop, believe in yourself and be the co-creator of the world.
Don't loose your faith, never give back and have courage!

As it was told that my blog is going to be dedicated to the music I'd like you to listen to the song that this note made me think about.
It's not that related to the argument of the racism, but it makes me believe, that we are really able to make this world a better place, for all the human race.