Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Even though I should be studying hard for the tommorow's test, I can't help the great will to share with you my today's little success. Some time ago I started to train jogging with my friend. We were both doing quite significant progresses, which made me really proud. Two days ago we run more than 7 km, which is for me an awesome result, especially that we got the speed of almost 10 km per hour. That's really not bad, I think. But today there was no possibility that I could have a company, so I had to motivate myself. Unfortunatelly I'm a great fan of sweets, I'd even say that I'm a chocaholic, trying to fight my addiction. It's not easy anyway, so I failed today, again. And that should probably motivate me even more, but it was exactly on the contrary. I felt weak and incapable and I was going to resign my today's training. But then I thought of a music piece that yesterday literally made me train at home. It was that one:

It's not exactly my favourit kind of music but it really makes you move! So listening to it today I thought: 'Oh, I just have to make a new playlist, and I'll run without any company with the same pleasure." And that's what I did. Another song that gave me a hand was shared on YouTube today, just like if it was especially for my bad mood. I just fell in love with it.

I found also the remix of a song you can hear in the background, which is "So cold" by Ben Cocks. I also felt like listening to the song I heard on the radio few times, which was "See you again" by Wiz Khalifa. Well, there were also few more songs on my running playlist today, but it's not the most important thing. The point is that with a very small inspiration I was able to run another 6 km today, fighting my lazyness and my unnecessary bad humor. And if I was able, you are able too! Doing sport is healthy, and you know it! It's hard at the beggining, but there is also nothing more satisfying then the moment when you're breaking your own barriers. So find you some good piece of music if you don't have any yet and have fun! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Music in adverts.

Last week passing the way from Gdańsk to Toruń with a car, me and my trip companion we have started to sing a song from the TP S.A. advertisment. This is one of the spots in which "Mr Heart" and "Mr Mind" are partecipating. They're singing a song about the new offer, which is a Funpack. This is the one I'm talking about:

I really, really, really like this song and all the "Serce i Rozum" advertisments, I think they are really brilliant. As you probably noticed this is something we could call a cover of the song "Susana" by Fausto. To be onest I have never heard this Spanish version before. I believe the most of you, just like me, knows only the version of the group "The Art Company"
It is quite popular to use the popular songs, changing only it text to promote some products. The "Susanna case" made me think of the other advertisments in which the renowned songs are being used in the same way. The one presenting , one of my favourit sweets by the way, with the partecipation of raper Shaggy seams to me a great example. Thanks to this advert as if any of us hI was singing that song with a friend of mine for a very long time, even though I doubt if any of us has ever heard the full version of it. But there you go, here we have an opportunity to make up for it:

And the last one I would like to share with you is a very old Polish advertisment made by Bonduelle company, Everybody knows the song "Singing in the rain", which was sang by Gene Kelly. But if you haven't seen it in 1998, you have to see the dancing green peas of Bonduelle now. Enjoy!