Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring in love

When the spring comes the whole World is waking up, coming back to life and really often it also makes our hearts beat faster. The reaggae band from Toruń, Paraliż Band sings in one of their most popular songs 'Wiosna', "I'll fall in love again with the wrong woman in the spring". The truth is that we're all probably falling in love in that season, not necesserly with a wrong person;). One of us for the first time ever, the others again and again with the same person, they gave their heart to a lot of years ago. Why not to tune ourselves up to this romantic mood a bit? I have already written about my favourit movie about love, but there is another one, that I'm also totaly crazy about. And it's not only because of Heath Ledger's role but also thanks to it's soundtrack. It's title is '10 things I hate about you'. 
It's not only a beautiful love story, but it's also a great comedy, that I'd recommend both to couples and to singles. As I said this film is also quite concerned on music, and in my opinion it's a pretty good music. If you're not a very fan of romantic movies I would like to invite  you at least to listen to it's soundtrack. Each song is different and in a totaly different style, but personaly I like all of them. Anyway the one I really fell in love with is a song 'The Weakness In Me' by Joan Armatrading. It makes me go into raptures about it. I love both, it's music and it's lyrics. And just to conclude I want to invite you to watch my favourit scene of the movie:


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