Monday, November 9, 2015

Vintage Edition, unlimited pleasure.

Today I'd like to dedicate a while to a friend of mine, who is a great artist. I was planning that for a very long time, maybe waiting for a proper moment. His song "Here and now" is the one I'm sinking in. Somehow it just makes you feel well. Maybe it's because it's author has the same influence on people. He's simply putting everyone he meets in a good mood, he makes you feel calm and happy, somehow. What is more, some sounds of this song brings on my mind Robbie Williams' "Angels", which is so beautiful too!

As I said, Grzegorz who is an author of Vintage Edition project, is not only a very gifted musician who is creating all his songs, including lyrics, on his own, but he's also very charismatic person. All the clips of his songs are just a perfect addition to his pieces. Created usually in the autumnal atmosphere, showing the beauty of the cities and of the nature they correspond very well to the nostalgic songs. I really like walking in park or in the old towns with the headphones on my ears sinking in the extremely beautiful composition of sounds of "Lies" for example.

Anyway, not all of his songs are so nostalgic and poetic. Listening to his songs you can see that creating music is for Grzegorz also a great fun. In general he's an enthusiastic person and his songs like "I'm from Poland" definetely show his character. It also shows his love for the place he lives in. If you're from Poznań you'll deffinetely enjoy watching in the clip places you know for sure.

There are a few more songs completely created by Vintage Edition you can find on YouTube and I must say, although each of them is totally different, they are all amazingly inspiring and catchy. I recommend you to listen to them, warning at the same time that you can assuredly fall in love! 

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