Monday, April 13, 2015


I've been lately falling in love with the music of a band, which I had known for years already.
When I've heard them for the first time they were for me only a background for an amazing drama, which was showing the love of God to the man he created.

All this Lifehouse's Everything drama seamed to me really touching and perfectly composed with the music. I had an opportunity to play a role in this drama some time later and I was really amazed with the fact, how many people were feeling the same way about it. I even translated it's text in Polish once hoping to play the skit with a group in the way that also it's text would have been comprehensible for the people watching it, but I understood after all that there was something more in this song. Well, we didn't have a band which would have played the song the way Lifehouse did it.
Probably few years ago I came across their another song, which was "You and me".

Beautiful love song.
I was listnenig to it for a lot of time until it palled for me and after that I believe I had nothing to do with Lifehouse for quite a long period of time.
Until couple of months ago I just thought about them, I don't really remember why or in which circumstances, but their discography impressed me.
They're not the only band I am listening to at the moment, but they became one of these my ears can hear really often, while I'm going at the university, while I'm walking, while I'm in my way for some meeting of while I'm roller skating.
Anyway there are three songs, I think, I could listen to all the time, which are "Storm""Hanging by the moment", and "Blind".
Each of them has a special meaning for me and I think that in the times when you become famous not for what you're saying, but for the way you look like, I really appreciate their lyrics full of the important messages. 

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  1. It's one of my favorite bands and I really like all the songs you mentioned. :)