Monday, March 9, 2015

Friday evening at the Koniec Świata!

Some time ago me and my cousin were thinking of going to the concert of Koniec Świata, which is one of our favorite bands. We have already been to two of their concerts together and always it was a great fun. That year the band celebrates it's 15th birthday and plays concerts in all the bigger cities of Poland. Unfortunately it came out that I couldn't visit Gdańsk, where Justyna lives, in the data of a concert and she wasn't able to come to Poznań when they were playing there. Between that two terms there was the last weekend and the city of Toruń in the band's graphic. I was already thinking of visiting these lovely sides anyway so it seemed to me a great idea to represent me and my cousin there, especially considering the fact that our first concert of Koniec Świata took place in the same club, which is Od Nowa. I wouldn't have been myself if I didn't have to run to the railway station with the risk of missing the train, even though it was leaving about 3 p.m. and I had no classes that day. Finally we got to the club about two quarters before the concert, so we had enough time to talk a little and to get a place right under the stage... well, the club wasn't really crowded to be honest;). Anyway, when I saw the musicians entering the stage I felt so, so happy, and when they started to play I was just in seven heaven! They played a couple of songs from each of their CDs, starting from Korzenie and Symfonia na Sprzedaż, but there were also their completely new pieces. I was really happy listening to my favorite their songs like 1980Serce w ParyżuWystarczy, że serce mi bije, although I could easily say that each of their songs is my favorite. If you haven't heard any of them yet, I recommend you to do it as soon as possible!
Enjoy! :)

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