Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another not indifferent Tuesday.

Last Tuesday I had another great oportunity to partecipate an evening in Dylemat Cafe organised by Przemysław Mazurek and the other awesome musicians. It has started with the hymn of the Evening with Not Indifferent Song, which is already available to listen on Soundcloud, there you go:
It was also accompanied by Tomasz Szwed, the star of the evening. After the hymn, which was sang twice, the 'talent review' started. A lot of crazily gifted people gave a perfect performance. After two months of a break I have also decided to present to the public my new song, entitled 'Zamki na piasku'. I was really satisfied with the arrangment, even though in the final version my favourit musicians played it a bit faster than I was expecting;). But there are always some surprises when you are performing in live. Anyway, that was an awesome experience, which I would deffinetely repeat another time.
And in the final part of the evening there was an amazing Tomasz Szwed's concert. It was as touchin as funny, and sometimes it made you think of life, of some values that nowadays seam out-of-date. I really liked it whis is why I recommend you to listen to songs of this sympathetic elder man on youtube. The one that really stuck in my mamory is that one, don't ask me why;) :

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