Friday, March 20, 2015

Country dream

On the Monday's English classes we were talking about the tradition of celebrating the Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland, United States or in the World. We were also listening to Sinead's O'Connor song entitled 'I'll tell me ma', which I really liked actually. In general there is something in that country culture that seams to me really fascinating. Watching films like 'Leap Year' or 'Holiday' I was really impressed by these locals in that country style where people were drinking beer, singing and dancing all together. It seams to me a great fun, I really wish I could visit this kind of place one day. Unfortunatelly it's probably impossible to find such a local in Poznan, maybe there are some country parties organised once a time but I don't think it would be exactly what I am interested in. Few years ago I was dreamig of starting my own Italian cusine, where I would employ an italian chef and where Italians visiting Poland could feel like home. But why not to replace this idea with the one of starting a country pub or even better, to develope one business after another? Well, I'm being an optimist. 

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