Sunday, October 11, 2015

I will drive 500 miles!

It's really nice to come back here after such a long break with a pretty good news. But before going to the point, few words of an introduction. 
About three and a half mounths ago I started my holiday. But it wasn't a very relaxing time and I didn't spend it lasily at all. Right after the beginning of the holiday I called few driving schools to find the one where I could start my course as soon as possible. I still had to wait more than a week but finally I started to learn the theory. And again about a week after the first part I started my practice lessons. 
I was really hoping to pass all the exams before the new academic year but it wasn't that obvious with the two weeks pilgrimage at the beginning of August I was going to participate , with my brother's wedding on the 4th of September, with the resit of the History of Italian Cinema, with the weekends spent with my boyfriend. But there's nothing impossible to the one who believes.  2 weeks ago I passed the theory exam, unfortunatelly failing on the practice one. I moved back to Poznań to continue my studies, but on Friday I went to Gdańsk to retry the exam. I was a bit affraid and uncertain because there was no opportunity for me to take some extra lessons in the driving school. Fortunately, with my boyfriends and my friends support I made it out. So now, in 2 weeks from now I'll probably get my driving licence and I'll be able to make my little dream come true. I'll be able to drive a car listening and singing with Ted and Marshall:

So if you're a driver too, I recommend you to listen to The Proclaimerses hit and to 'invite' them to accompany your trips! Just the way I'm going to! :)

Enjoy your Sunday! 


  1. Congratulations on your exam! :) You are among us, the drivers :). Now it is important to drive as much as you can not to be afraid of all the situations you can meet on the streets. In relation to the music, I recommend you three or four (?) CDs 'The best car music', published by RMF FM. There are really lots of hits, especially those from the 1990s. :)

  2. I'm happy for you! It's good to start this important year in good spirits. Drive safely, and remember - never trust in other people's common sense on the road ;)