Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Prelude in E-Minor

While thinking about starting a new blog I had a lot of ideas of the arguments I would like to dedicate myself to. Anyway there wasn't even one that would not be related to the music. The idea that seamed to me the closest was to share here the music I felt in love with while, let's say, wasting my time. What was on my mind it was to publish the pieces that became very important to me, and that I got to know while watching films or TV series. And that is for sure what I'm going to do in this first post on my blog, but I also decided not to limit my own in such a tight barriers and to leave that blog living its own life, without specifying its destiny exept for discovering music in general.

As in the title not only of this post, but also of a whole blog, today I'd like to give a look to the Frederic Chopin's "Prelude in E-Minor" and my little story of falling in love with this masterpiece. It's one of a lot of beautiful songs I've heard while watching "The Notebook", that constitute an intoduction to a very essential scene. That film, where the principal characters are played by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gostling, has been my favourite one for about eight years, and anytime I watch it, it makes me laugh and cry alternately. It is based on a book written by Nicholas Sparks, which I honestly would reccomend to everyone, who likes to loose themselves in romantic stories sometimes. Anyway, I've watched that film like 10 times already and I always paid attention to the Chopin's prelude, but somehow I have never found it in the soundtrack until about one month ago. But as I have eventually did, I can't have stopped listening to it, and that is what happens when I start to listen to it again - I can't just let it finish.

And now, when the weather doesn't seam really friendly, and we prefer to stay at home reading a book or doing anything else, than even point our nose out of the house, it would be nice to have a good piece of music as a company. I think that prelude is just perfect for the long and even sad autumn evenings, so especially in this time it's really worth listening to it, just like the other songs of "The Notebook" soundtrack.