Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another Unindifferent Evening.

About two months ago I was describing here one of the most amazing evenings in my life, when for the first time I had an opportunity to sing with an awesome band during the 7th edition of the Evening with the Unindifferent Songs. Yesterday there was another, 8th edition, but this time there was an incentive to sing the author's songs. As I am writting my own songs I thought of presenting it that day, but I was really affraid if the band would be willing to play something in para-reaggae stile;). We met on Monday evening (a day before two tests I had to give at the university), we worked in an amazing atmosphere  with all the group of vocalists, and finally, after their songs, and these that we seng in common we tried to play my piece. I was really shy. It's not only a song that I wrote a long, long time ago, but it seemed to me totaly in a different style then the others, and... well it's also really personal for me.
But as I already mantioned, the musicists that prepare these evenings with us are not only very talented but also really verastile. They agreed to play my song in the para-reggae version, just the way I wanted, or I would even say, much better than I was expecting.
As you may suppose I came back home quite late. I did my best to prepare for my tests and I know already that one of them went pretty well. The other one? Well, I don't know, but I have decided not to regret anything that makes me make my dreams coming true.
The next day, right after the test of psicology I went to the local where all the venture is being held. I was observing the groups of people entering it, taking their places and observing us politely. I was really nervous. I was the first solist. We entered the scene in a group to sing together a beautiful song 'Zapiszę śniegiem w kominie'. And right after that one I stayed on the scene alone, well, in the great company of the musicists. All my body was shaking, but finally seams that it didn't go that bad. After me there were like 8 other vocalists, one better than another an than two bands.
What can I say, for me it was another totaly PERFECT evening.
I didn't sleep much last nights and today I had a day full to the brim, but I believe that more important than to have had enough sleep is to feel satisfied.
At the end I would like to invite you to listen to the song I was singing yesterday, in a very poorer version than it was yesterday, but still ;)
Hope you'll enjoy it! :)
Ola Janczak - Do góry

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Help. We are all created to do the great things.

In this crazy "Sesja time" it was not that easy to find some time to realise my English homework, which was to watch the movie entiteled "The help". 

I was not expecting anything spectacular, I've heard about this film earlier, I saw a very little part of it during the Christmass, but I had no idea about it's real worth.
I don't think there are plenty of things better to do on Sundays evening than watching exactly this movie.
It shows the reality of, I would say, aristocratic group of women living in Johnson, zone of the Mississipi State, and about the way their maids are being treaten in.
It shows not only the massive problem of the racism in that state in the 60', but a wide range of different situations that should have never had place between two people no matter of their skin colour, birth place or religion. 
Personally, the fact that I find the most crushing is that all of it was happening more or less 50 years ago, which means that when my parents were born, in the United States the situation was exactly like that. 
Seams impossible?
But the truth is, that we are being created and influenced by our surroundings, which means that each of us would be probably able to believe himself a superhuman, just like in the Dostojewski's "Crime and Punishment" if we were born in an aristocratic family or in another reality that makes us think such a bullshit.
That's why it is necessary to remind ourselves that each of us is equal and that the love even for our enemies is not only a beautiful tale, but it can be realized in our lives.
What we need to do, is to believe, that we are all created to do the great things. The only limits to overcome are our owns. The most difficult step is the first one, but it is also really precious, because there is only one first step you can make. Always.
So don't stop, believe in yourself and be the co-creator of the world.
Don't loose your faith, never give back and have courage!

As it was told that my blog is going to be dedicated to the music I'd like you to listen to the song that this note made me think about.
It's not that related to the argument of the racism, but it makes me believe, that we are really able to make this world a better place, for all the human race.