Monday, April 20, 2015

Music that makes you remember...

Listening to this such a beautiful song I'm always feeling a very intensive nostalgy. This Gentleman's piece made me think today of how music can bring our memories to life. I believe that everyone after a moment of reflection could find in his mind some songs that make him think of people who have already passed away or of things that there are not anymore. For me the special moments are always related to the special people, that is why this song makes me so nostalgic. It's refrain saying that "it's funny how memories don't leave like people do" can make you really sad sometime. But on the other hand it is full of hope that there are this feelings like love or friendship that are lasting longer than our lives. Isn't it beautiful? There is also another song that makes me think of a person I love the same way inspite of the years that are passed from the moment I've seen her for the last time. I've already written here about the band Good Staff, who are playing the song "Echo". Unfortunately this song in no available online, but I would recommend to anybody to visit the group's webside and order their CD.But not to be too nostalgic as it is a beautiful spring weather outside I'd like to tell you about the song that I remember in the most intensive way from my early childhood. It's a song that was always making me dance, even when I wasn't able to stand without any help yet. There were situations when I was a child when my parents were trying to lull me while the TV was turned on some kind of music programme. And if somehow it was Inner Circle singing his "Sweat" in it, I was clumsily getting up holding the barriers of a crip and I was starting to dance, singing "a lala lala long".

Enjoy! :)

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  1. "Sweat" is no lullaby for sure :) I hope that music not only brings you memories but also makes you feel a little better.