Monday, February 2, 2015

I'll sing the World out for you...

It's just amazing, the power of the music.
The way it brings your memories back.
I was listetnig to the somebody's youtube playlist with sung poetry.
Passing through the songs of SDM, Grażyna Łobaszewska and the others I came across a song of my childhood.
I believe it was one of the first songs I have ever played on guitar. 
What is more, I have totally forgotten about it's existance.
And today it reminded me the times, when I was a scout in the 16th troop
 in Gdańsk.
It was about ten years ago, but I remember that time and I'm thinking about it with nostalgia.
Today both, it's text and the voice of Agata Budzyńska that sings it seams to me quite infantile, but I still have feelings for the song
It is a monologue of a woman or a girl in love that wants to paint an angel for her love. 
And she wants to sing her poems out for him,  the whole World for him. And love... she wants to sing her love out, as the greatest gift... and the smile.
I invite you all to listen to this beautiful song and to follow the text with attention, because even tough it is pretty simple it has also a rich sence.