Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Don't ever be lonely!

Katie Melua came back.
For me.
With a song "I will be there" which was produced in 2013!
3 years of ignorance...
I haven't been listening to her music for e very long time even though a couple of years ago I was doing it all the time.
So she came back with fireworks.
And she took me to the musical scenes, to the Disneyworld, to the Neverland, to everywhere you could ever dream about.
I cannot, actually, I'm not able to stop listening to it.
I'm enchanted.
About three or four hours ago my sister-in-law sent me a link.
I was listening to it and I didn't feel anything. 
I was waiting for some explosion, at least of my emotions but there was nothing.
Seams impossible now, when I'm listening to it maybe for the 20th time.
But when I was listenind to it for the third time, there was something in me that broke.
I started to follow the lyrics od the chorus:

"Don't ever be lonely,

remember, I'll always care.
Wherever you may be,
remember, I will be there".

It's so beautifu and so mine that made me cry.

I think it's one of the most beautiful songs about mothers.
Who never stop loving, and always "lead us all to Wonderland".

Monday, January 11, 2016

Soul Pop Folk covers and Renegades.

Two days ago I was celebrating my 24th ( :( ) birthday in my friends house. We've decided together to spend that evening playing board games like "Ticket to ride.Europe" which i got from my boyfriend (best in the World) and "Taboo". It was a great fun especially thank to the music that was accompaining us. I asked my friend what was the music that she was playing, and she told me that it was some playlist on youtube with folk-soul songs. She found it, having noticed that it is the kind of music that Hozier made in "Take me to church". As I really loved the whole list I've decided to stay in this atmosphere and I found another playlist, this time soul pop folk one. 
There were a lot of the songs I have already known like "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez.

But the most of them were the covers of the very great songs that I haven't heard for quite a long time. The first one that has really impressed me was "Crazy", Gnarls Barkley's song covered by Ray Lamontagne. His voice reminds me the one of Daniel Mustard, a man who was homeless and became popular thank to his cover of "Creep", which seams to me better than the original version by Radiohead.

The next one that also seamed familiar to me was a song "Here I go again" sung by Audra Mae. I love the voice of that woman, it's so strong, a bit hoarse, just perfect for me. And her performance with that song is in my opinion hypnotizing.

I also really fell for the next song which is "Always on my mind", to me one of the greatest Elvis Presley's love song, right after "Can't help falling in love with you". Cover by Italian young musician, Jack Sovoretti is a very sentimental, calm and delicate version of it, for me just perfect for an evening with candles, wine and a good book, or a boyfriend, alternatively;).

That small music research insures me that there is still so much music to be discovered, so many beautiful songs I haven't heard yet or loads of covers that are sometimes even better than the original versions. Well, music is a fountain of goods. So just for the end, the last song that has just inspired me to share it with you. The one that you could have heard in the radio recently. "Renegades" by X Ambassadors. Another great piece of music. 

I need to say, I really miss making a music, as there is no time for this kind of pleasures and as I fell that all my creativity has been consumed by an essay about the translation techniques in my favourite TV serie...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Probably worst movie ever...

I have never been an enemy of the easy polish comedies. What is more, I used have fun while watching them. I wouldn't say that I was a great fan of films like "Tylko mnie kochaj", "Nigdy w życiu" or "Dlaczego nie?" produced by Ryszard Zatorski, but they were for me kind of a not demanding entertainment that makes you relax. But his last work is in my opinion simply a crying shame. 
Two days ago while skipping over the TV channels with my boyfriend, we came across a pretty new movie, that has been lately promoted. We turned it on in about a half. It seemed just like the other Zatorski's movies, easy, simple, non demanding but thank to Paweł Domagała also pretty funny. I asked S. if we could watch it from the beggining as I haven't watched that kind of movies for quite a long time. (Un)fortunately the computer was being used by someboy else, so we decided to watch the final part on TV. It was amazingly shallow, boring and without taste. I thought it might not be very fair to valuate a movie watching only a part of it so I have decided to read a review on filmweb and that brings me to a conclusion that the film is worse than I thought. I am really greatful that I didn't waste more of my time. 
But wat was worse was the fact of using a song "Dzień dobry, kocham cię" not only as a title but also as a leading soundtrack of this film. I was hoping at least to listen to the Strachy na Lachy's song in the final part. Immagine how puzzled I was hearing a voice of Liber "reciting" it's text, and than the voice of the main character of the movie, who is better known as Mrs. From The Play Advertisment, singing a chorus. It was terrible, I don't remember being so disappointed with a movie. The only fact that I'm sorry for is that Mr. Zatorski must really think that polish public is terribly shallow, which in my opinion isn't truth. And well, if you had any doubts just listen to a song. I would be too ironic saying "enjoy" so I won't.