Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Good Staff? Why not?!

Sometimes our studies seam too demanding to let us find some time for the leisure activities. But is it really a reason good enough to give up on our dreams and passions? 
For me that week was framing itself as 'mission impossible' with all the tests, presentations and translations there were to face. 
And then I realised that I was going to partecipate a 7th edition of a special evening with a song poetry  in one of the café-clubs in Poznań on Tuesday, and for the first time I was going to performance there with two songs. So I also had to partecipate a rehearsal on Monday. 
In this situation I had to organise a schedule of these days really precisely to find time for both, studying ad realizing something that I loved. 
And today, as the most difficul part of the week is already passed, I can say that I completed that mission impossible, and it was deffinetely worth it!

There were 4 girls singing that evening. Each one with a completely different voice, completety different style and completely different song. This time there were only two musicists accompaining us, a pianist and a guitarist, but I believe there was nobody to feel a lack of anything. They were playing so beautifully!
For me that was the first time to experience singing in this kind of place, where everything seamed so professional. And that was really amazing, especially because of the fact that a lot of my friends  came to support me. That means a lot to me.

But the best part of the evening was going to start. As always, after the performaces of the 'casual' people, there was a concert taking a place. The group awesome just from the beggining, from their name - "Good Staff".  And I must say, this Staff was REALLY GOOD! The band was singing the songs composed by Wojciech Winiarski on the basis of Leopold Staff's poetry. And I must say that they made me discover his poems once again. And AGAIN I felt in love not only with this poetry but also with the music and the musicists.
What I'd love to mention is the fact that yesterday in the place of the fixed vocalist there was singing Anna Winiarska, and that was her to made me fall in love with all this group and with their work. She was not only singing beautifully but she was also demonstrating real emotions, she was lauging as a little girl, she was dancing as if there were nobody to watch, she was also having the tears in her eyes singing about a heart that passed away too soon. 
Good Staff became my inspiration and I hope that maybe at least one of you may become inspired in the same way. I invite you to listen to their songs on Youtube, like 'Przyjście' for example, or to buy a CD, it's deffinetely worth it!

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