Friday, December 5, 2014


During our last English class, our teacher asked us, if we have ever translated texts of the world's hits, because a lot of times their sense is being completely missunderstood, if there is any sense at all. That made me think of one of CeZik's productions, where he rappresents the most popular songs, that we can usually listen to in the clubs, but not only. He translated and sang them in Polish, and the effect is awesome. If you haven't heard it yet, I recommend it from my heart: 

But the adventage of CeZik is not only his sense of humor, and the richness of the ideas to create something new using the songs that already exist. In my oppinion he's increadibly talented as a musician and a vocalist. I got really impressed by the films where he plays on the dishes and the kitchen furniture. Or where he divides video in 6 or more parts and sings in different tones or produces sounds that make a background. Furthermore, CeZik plays piano, guitar, drums I believe, and probably a lot of different instuments. Moreover, not only is he handsome, but also sympathetic and charming. He says about himself that he's a really shy guy, but listening to him it's quite impossible to believe him. Finishing, I'd like to invite each of you to listen to a song, created of the critical comments under his videos on YouTube. And I wish to you, and to myselt such a dose of self distance. 

Enjoy "CeZik? Co To Za PedaƂ?"! :)

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