Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hey! It's music workshops time!

How fleeting are the ideas that our mind creates.

Like from the last time I wrote here I had more than two or three of them.
And now, finishing my cinnamon latte with vanilla milk I'm listening to Chopin (I must say that my discovery of "Prelude in e-minor" encouraged me to listen to the others his compositions, and I'm completely enchanted) I don't really feel like writing anything.
Well, it's not that I don't like that idea of writting.
Or that all the ideas I was carrying in my mind just dissapeared.
But it's my mind, that I have an issue with.
It feels so comfortable being coddled by this unregular presses on the piano keys and by that smell of cinnamon that makes me think of my home, of an apple pie and of Christmass, that is coming so slowly.
And it would like that moment being a neverending story...

Anyway I'll try to give some thougths to my last two weekends, as each of them gave me some beautiful musical experiences.
As the habitants of Poznań should know, past Sunday was the Saint Martin's Day, so all the Saint Martin's Street was full of the stands with 'croissants'. There were organised a lot of attractions, including the last one - concert of Hey

Well, what can I say? The accoustic was terrible. There were so many people that I wasn't able to see a band if not standing on my toes. Some of theme were drinking alcohol or smoking, or talking so loud that it was difficult to listen to the music. 
BUT! But it was awesome anyway. Even not for the fact, that I was accompained by a great group of friends, although it's important too. But Kasia Nosowska is such an enchainting person! Her music, the texts she writes, her voice - just amazing! But if you have ever been to her concert you must have also noticed the way she acts beetween one song and another. You can hear then an ashamed little girl, singing for the first time on a big stage, saying "Thank you guys, you are so awesome, thank you!" in the sweetest possible way. Well, there are two songs that always make my heart beat faster. 'Mimo wszystko', here also with a perfect clip, and 'Moja i twoja nadzieja' (I'm having a goose-flash listetnig to that version).

"Nothing, nothing really will help, if you don't help Love today."

And the last weekend... well, it was quite exhausting. I went to Aleksandrów Kujawski, where we were invited with my two friends to conduct the music workshops. There was a group of the students of the salesian schools, from 13 to 18 years old that sings together in the Church. We gave them some theoritical informations, we taught them some vocal exercises and finally we've passed hours! training some songs and trying to find some interresting arrangements. We could've seen the effects on Sunday during the Mass. They were singing with a power, in a double voice, well, they were awesome, I must say. And we were really proud of the progresses they made so soon. In some cases it was really like watching the duckling changing into a swan! :)

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  1. I love HEY so much, especially the CD [sic!] ! :) I also think that Kasia Nosowska is a very specific person who one can love, while another may detest. :)